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ROMANITE’S solid non-porous composition produces the uniform look and texture that brings practical elegance to tub surrounds and shower walls. ROMANITE is manufactured from an improved, homogeneously-formulated, polymerized material that provides excellent durability especially for wet wall applications.

Ready-cut ROMANITE panels are easy to install and can be placed over sound, existing walls as well as over water-resistant wallboard. The large panels help minimize joints and virtually eliminate unsightly grout lines.

Various trim pieces and tub and shower accessories are available in ROMANITE. These allow for watertight fabrication as well as elegance in design.

Complete fabrication and installation instructions for tub surrounds and shower walls are available from your local ROMANITE distributor.

ROMANITE tub and shower surrounds should be installed over local code-approved, moisture-resistant wallboard or sound, ceramic tiles. ROMANITE is not recommended for below grade exterior walls, or directly over center rock, concrete or masonry walls.